Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Lovely Prize from Rochambeau and The Inspired Room

I must tell you about the lovely giveaway prize I won this week. It is a sweet little purse or pochette from Constance at Rochambeau. You probably know Melissa at The Inspired Room and the wonderful Inspiration Week that she hosted. Constance was just one of the fabulous guest artists and she offered this beautiful textile work of art as a giveaway. I was the most fortunate winner! You must visit Constance's website Boutique Rochambeau to see all of her stunning won't be disappointed.
Thank you again Constance and Melissa for my lovely gift!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kitchen Pictures and Choosing Paint Colors...Aaarggg

Finally, some progress has been made. The cabinets are in, handles are on, granite is installed, and a paint color as been chosen.
We went with brushed nickle hardware and faucet (I should have a picture of the faucet soon).

The cabinet color is Dove White. Not too sterile but still blends with the white appliances.

The granite is called Colonial Gold. Its a light color but, has a nice warm feel to it with flecks of darker tan and amber.
And I love the sink! It a Smart Divide by Kohler.

We still need to install the under cabinet lighting and new light fixture over the sink. I'll be painting tomorrow. Ugh...I hate painting when there's so much to tape off.

It took forever to find the right color of tan. There was either too much of a pink undertone or green undertone or too dark, too light, too yellow, .....aaarrgggg. But I think we finally found a good one. We went with a Martha Stewert color called "Hominy" from Lowes.
Its the one on the bottom, left of the light switch.
Ok, I'm off to go paint!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Living Room Photos

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my living room. I'm not completely happy with the entire space, you'll only be seeing small corners. :)

The pillow above is FABULOUS, isn't it!? Its a vintage 1940's fabric that I just love. I've had it for sale on the website for a while now and was secretly hoping that it wouldn't sell until I found a use for it myself. LOL (Oh, I didn't use it all, there's still a couple yards left for sale)
It has found the perfect spot in my favorite big, cozy chair. The armoire is an old piece from my grandma's attic. She had painted it battleship gray (except for the side that was against the wall, it was mustard yellow. haha) Its now cottage white and I would love to, one day, have an artist paint branches and pink dogwood flowers across the front to match my pillow. How great would THAT be!
There are tiny lights and architectural pieces dispayed on top. On the opposite side of the room is the sofa, more vintage fabric pillows, and a small chandelier.
I made the drapes myself. (I know, I'm as shocked as you are). Usually, a project as large as drapes will paralyze me to the point of just abandoning the whole thing. But, I fell in love the this fabric and had to have it. It is a gorgeous ocean blue damask print in a buttery soft linen by Chris Stone. L O V E I T !!!
And this is my sweet Ubu. I would really like to get rid of that chair, but I don't have the heart to tell her it has to go. Its right by the door and her favorite place to sleep.
I have a few pictures of the dining room and a peek at the kitchen that I'll share with you in a few days. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!