Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Weekend's Flea Market Finds

Sorry for such a late post on these newest vintage fabric finds, but I was having a devil of a time with uploading pictures to blogger. I finally figured out the problem after a few days of searching help threads. :-)
Anyway...Last weekend Mom and I headed to Springfield, Ohio for the big Springfield Antique Show and FleaMarket Extravaganza. A big turn out of dealers and great weather for Friday and Saturday (Sunday was a bit rainy for them, I think). There were some great prices on furniture pieces, but sadly, my house is too full as it is, so I had to walk away from the lovely tables and cabinets.
I, of course, focused my attention on the fabrics. This cute 50's pink and grey leaf print was the first purchase of the day.Then, I spotted this awesome orange leaf feedsack. HAD to have this one!A couple of fun 35" width geo-floral prints from the 1950's...these always remind me of snowflakes.
I don't buy linens as often because I have so many already, but I couldn't pass up this pretty pink dogwood linen towel.A couple more 36" width fabrics; I think these both date to around the 1960-70's. One with with pink roses and the other shows off brown and tan leaves and apples. What a perfect fabric for fall projects!
And then this last piece was just too cute!Its a happy turtle border print and looks to be from the 1970's, but since one selvage is missing and there are so many retro prints in this same style, I can't say for sure.
Some of these are on the website and others may make their way on to Etsy in the coming week.
I hope everyone is enjoying the begining of fall!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our New Hardwood Floors

Yea! The floors are finally finished! There's still a bit of caulking and painting of the trim to do, but the major back-breaking work is done.
We went with a 5/16 solid hardwood "Tiete Chestnut". With this type of flooring you can either glue it down or just glue the joints and make it a floating floor. We decided to glue it down. I'm really pleased with the color. Its a nice medium to dark wood, but there is a lot of variation of lights and darks throughout the planks, so I think that will help transition it between whatever furniture I decide to purchase in the future. We installed the hardwood throughout the entire first floor with the exception of the bathroom. That's my sewing room you see at the end of the hall. As soon as I get the walls painted in there, I'll take you on a little tour. :-)
I still need to decide on area rugs. I'm thinking of a room size, cream-colored berber for the bedroom and something a little smaller for the living room. Have you seen the new Amy Butler rugs? They are large renditions of many of her fabric motifs and simply GORGEOUS! I would love to get one of those. A little pricey for our budget, but definitely splurge-worthy.

This project is also part of the "Make Your Monday" link event on Kim's Twice Remembered blog. Click here for other Make Your Monday participants.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why I Haven't Had Time to Sew...or Blog...or Cook...or

We're installing hardwood floors throughout the house. This could take a while. LOL
Shuffling furniture in a small space and stopping every ten minutes to remove splinters really slows down the process.
We're also installing new baseboards, door casings and vent covers as we go.

So far, we've got the living room, dining room, kitchen, and half of the hallway done. The two bedrooms are next and then its time to shop for area rugs. :)

I love the look, so far! I'll be back soon to share pictures of the end result.