Friday, August 21, 2009

Red and Pink Vintage Fabric Color Combo

Today, as a follow-up to the Pink and Orange post, I'm showing some of my vintage fabrics in one of my favorite color combos...Red and PINK.
Naturally with these colors, we're bound to see a lot of florals...and I have plenty of them! Let's start there with some large bouquets and columns of roses and hollyhocks.
The smaller prints are cute, too.
Next, on top we have a gorgeous 1930-40's fabric, predominantly red with pink roses. And on the bottom, a fun mod floral from a vintage 60's bedspread. You might recognize this one from the living room makeover photos. This next group shows the last of the florals along with a cute geometric print and two fruit related designs.
A funky midcentury modern barkcloth depicting trees and buildings is perfect in this red/pink colorway!
And now we come to the kitchen linens and prints. The first two are pairs of kitchen curtains from my grandma's house. They look homemade, but never used (yep, that was just like gram).

Check out the adorable diamond oven mit in the bottom fabric. :)
And these are kitchen towels. Perfect for a retro vintage-themed kitchen.
Well, I think that just about does it for the RED and PINK tour. Some of these are available on the website (click on the pics) or will be by the end of the weekend.

Oops, I just found one more. Here's a cute little border print...

Ok, now I think that's it. LOL Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Yard and Getaway Photos

Another busy weekend around here. But I thought I would share some pictures of the patio flower baskets (click here to see how I made them) and a few from our getaway last weekend.
The flowers are doing surprisingly well for this late in the summer. Usually they start to get straggly and faded out from the summer heat, but thanks to the coolest July on record and a very comfortable start to August, they look pretty good. :-)

The peaches are almost ripe on our small tree.

And as I mentioned in the last post, hubby and I spent a couple of days at Salt Fork State Park.
Its the largest state park in Ohio and has a huge lake, a golf course, a couple marinas, a beautiful lodge with two pools, campgrounds, and cabins. Now normally, I'm a lodge girl all the way, but it was a very last minute trip and everything was booked except for one cabin. So, we took it. It was a very nice cabin right on the lake. We were even able to do some fishing. Although it was just the two of us, the cabin could have slept up to 6 people. There was a jacuzzi on the enclosed porch and a place to cook out and have a bonfire down by the lake.

Here we are in front of the lodge.

A very peaceful getaway.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Vintage Fabrics, Feedsacks, and a Little Getaway

Sorry for the unplanned blogging break. Hubby had some time off work, so we were busy with a few projects around the house and even managed a little getaway to Salt Fork Lake State park.
Of course, a little fabric hunting was also included. :)
I found the two adorable feedsacks pictured above. The red and yellow one features flowers and butterflies and the pink (my favorite!) has flowers, clover, lily of the valley, and tiny mushrooms. Too cute! I'll get these inspected, photographed, and on the website in the next few days.
I also came across some nice vintage 35" width fabric yardage. And a cutie pie Dutch girl fabric. Its a Puritan Print design called "HILDA". So sweet!
Well, I've got fabrics to clean and hang on the line. Have a great week, everyone.