Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Amy Butler Contest and a Grand Opening

I saw a post on Craftzine about an Amy Butler Inspired Bag contest and thought I might as well throw in an entry. I've always been a last minute kind of girl, so of course, mine was entered in the final hours.
I entered one of my Sash-a Totes. This one has a "Spring" and "Fall" personality, thanks to two of my favorite Amy Butler prints. A pink Lotus on one side and the Morroccan earth tones of Belle on the other. After seeing all of the fabulous bags on Flickr, I'm afraid I don't have even the slightest chance of winning, but at least it got me moving to finish this bag. LOL

Which brings me to my next bit of news...A GRAND OPENING! Yes, I have finally opened an Etsy store.

It only has a couple of bags in there right now, but I'm working on getting the others photographed and listed. I'm also going to have some craft packs of vintage fabric available, as well as misc. vintage goodies. Something for everyone, I hope.

You'll also notice that the website has gotten a bit of a face-lift.

Some new graphics, a little flash, and a couple of new features. A "Newly Listed Items" page is so convenient for frequent browsers and a new "Search" function should also come in handy if you're looking for a particular color or specific item.
There's still some tweeking that needs to be done, mainly implimenting a shopping cart. Hubby and I are novices at this, so it takes us awhile. LOL
If you have any other suggestions for improvements, please let me know.


Rosemary said...

Hi Kimberly,
Nice to hear from you.
You have been busy!!!
Your bag is so pretty. Yay for your Etsy shop. I need to do that too! I am just learning as well.
It does take time. Your graphics look great.
Thanks for visiting me. Have a great weekend,

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

I am a fairly new visitor to your blog. I love your new updated "look" and also your bag. I love Amy Butler Fabric and I like how your bag looks so versatile with the different sashes.

Jodie said...

That bag is so great ! Two great looks. Congratulations on the Etsy store - I am still dragging the chain with that one.

Marcia said...

Your bag is wonderful! I found your blog through your flicker post because your bag is my favorite.

Vintage Indie said...

I love the second photo and bag it's gorgeous!

Moderncountry said...

Hi Kimberly! Nice to hear from you again :)) You are such an inspiration!! Don`t doubt on yourself, because the bags are lovely!! Love love love the pink one :))
I have not finnished a tote bag yet, well a half done..I hope I will be able to very soon.
I've always been a last minute kind of girl too :) With everything. So I am very happy to have a very organized boyfriend, who`s giving me a push from time to time.
Congratulation with your new etsy shop! That`s equal to a blogshop isn`t it? Great!

Have a great week to come!

the feathered nest said...

Great bag and good luck! Your website looks good - I like the Your Favorite Project pag! I think it's nice that you invite people to share their favorites. Love the monogrammed W towels!


Mary Isabella said...

The bag is beautiful. I am loving my first visit to your bolg. Have a great day....Mary

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

I love your new "face lift". It's gorgeous! And, congrats on opening Etsy. I recently opened a little Etsy store as well. Love your bags. I'd say you have a wonderful chance of winning!


Anonymous said...

Love your entry! Linen and Amy Butler, what could be better! LOL. Oh boy the competition is stiff this time, I'm afraid that sewing machine is out of my reach too :(

Congrats on your etsy shop! You should do very well. I'll have to check it out! L.

Barbara Jacksier said...

The new design looks super. Not that the old one was bad. I just think this one is more cheerful. Your bag is a winner in my book.

Wild Rose said...

What a great idea Kimberly ~ it looks fantastic. Good luck with your entry and with your new Etsy store.

Marie x

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi much as you know how I adore the vintage fabrics, those bags are such a fabulous idea! Best of luck with your Etsy site~XO~Janet

Katherine said...

What a gorgeous bag! Good luck in the contest!

Congratulations with the Etsy shop. Loving the updated look - it's so pretty.

Kelley said...

I LOVE that bag - your style is so tailored! And your site & etsy! Way to go! Off to explore,Kelley

cd&m said...

Good luck with Etsy and I think your bag is lovely and stands as much chance of winning as any of the others.

Cottage Magpie said...

Yay! I love that you're on etsy now, very cool! And I think your bag has a real shot, since it's so creative! Very cool. Good luck!
~Angela :-)

Jen r. said...

This bag is sooo pretty.. It looks like it came out of a high end boutique! I am going to check out your ETSY store...
Jen R

deb said...

A lovely bag! I especially like the earth tones side of the sash. Deb

Kim said...

I just love this bag. I guess I will have to keep checking etsy to see if I can get one.

Art Kitten said...

Congrats on your etsy shop opening, and I loooove your bag! I love Amy Butler designs, I use them to make journals occasionally.

T said...

Hi Kim,

The website looks great! The look and features are nice additions. The Kitchen also looks wonderful . .. I know it was a chore, but I'm sure it was very worth it now.
Congrats on the ETSY shop too. I had never heard of it. That's pretty cool.

love ya
your sis :-)

Pretty Pear Designs said...


Thank you for leaving a post on my blog. Your blog is lovely and I love your pictures of your flowers. Mine are just starting to come up - can't wait. We definitly are the same design wavelength love your look. If you get a chance you should check out my cards.
Thanks and keep up the beautiful work.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Are you kidding??! Your bag is gorgeous--and it is just brilliant that you can have two different looks with one bag. The linen is a wonderful choice and is the perfect backdrop for the Amy could totally win!! I'd vote for you! Congrats on the Etsy shop...and good luck!
Smiles, Karen