Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's Blooming in the Garden? and Thank You-s

Bleeding Heart

The timing of my spring flowers worked out so well this year. Many are in bloom at the same time, which makes the patio look nice even at this early stage of the gardening process. (it usually doesn't look very good until I plant my annuals in May)

Creeping Phlox

I've decided to showcase the blooms in close-up. I've been seeing examples of the "Macro Challenge" around, and it really does give a different perspective on everyday items.

Weeping Cherry

And I wish your computer screen was a Scratch-n-Sniff because these next two flowers are filling my house and yard with the most glorious scent. Our Lilac and Wisteria are normally staggered a bit in their bloom time but, for some reason, this year they opened at the same time.

And now for the Thank You s. The first goes to Jill at Forever and Ever House. I left a comment on a post about her lovely living room and I won a giveaway! The prize was this very cool Digital Photo Keychain. I'm a little backwards when it comes to techie things, so I may need some help figuring out how to use it. LOL
She also, very thoughtfully, included some cute children's books for my little niece who has been spending a lot of time with me lately. Wasn't that sweet of her?!

And last but not least, some very exciting news. I was recently interviewed and my humble little living room was featured on Angela's blog Cottage Magpie. It is the first in a series of Color Inspiration posts shes doing. I was very honored to be included.
She is collecting cottage-y color palettes to be used as an inspiration and reference library for color and decor. What a great idea! I can't wait to see more!


Bunny B said...

Congrats on being featured! :) Love your spring blooms!

Moderncountry said...

Oh gosh have I missed a lot!
I don`t even know where to start :)
I have been llloking at all your pictures, and I find myself thinking about an English Cottage. All the colours, the surroundings and the wonderful garden of yours. You are a very lucky girl for having all this! I so love the mirror in your livingroom. Isn`t that and Venetian mirror?

Also congratulations on being featured. I would have felt honoured as well.

I hope you had a lovely weekend Niesz. Did you do some sunbathing too? We had 23 degrees over here!
Have a great week to come!
Hugs Aina

Katherine said...

Congrats on your recent win and on being featured!
Oh, I do wish that I could enjoy the scents of those beautiful blooms from here. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I haven't been by in ages! Love all your blooming things, so pretty. And I just adores those blue/green damask drapes from your earlier post. I saw a similar fabric by Waverly & still have a sample piece. I have no where to use it unless I totally redecorate a room, but it is gorgeous. Your drapes are just beautiful!


PAT said...

Kimberly your flowers are amazing! I miss our lilac tree at the farm. I always had lilacs in one of my white pitchers, this time of year!

Beautiful post!

DreamON said...

You must have a beautiful yard with all of those pretty flowers in it. Your blog is so pretty. I enjoyed my visit.

Sugar Bear said...

I still need to get my garden going! Yours is beautiful.

Rosemary said...

Love the flowers!!
So pretty!
Congrats to you.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Congrats on being featured! Love all your blooms!!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

kari & kijsa

Wild Rose said...

Hi Kimberly

I adore your wisteria ~ it reminds me of a walk close to where I lived in England ~ in springtime, it was covered in wisteria and the scent was wonderful.

Congratulations on your feature. I'm finally feeling better and am trying to get back into blogging, so do stop by soon.

Marie x

Melissa said...

LOVE Spring!

Great blog!

sweetiepie said...

I love your flowers and even though this is not a scratch and sniff page, I can imagine the smell of the lilacs. Our lilacs have not yet bloomed, but I am sure they will be out within the next couple weeks. Joyce in Iowa

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

Wish I had smell-o-rama on my computer so I could get a whiff of the lilac. Very pretty pics!

Lizzie said...

Oh, would I love to have a weeping cherry, but what I am absolutely jealous of is your lilacs! We grew them quite well when I lived further north, but they are spindley here in the south and do not flourish. Why the ones I planted at my mothers are now 15 feet tall! I just love the smell of them, and even have some Royal Albert china in a tea set called "Lilac Lane" to remind me of my favorite flower.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Thank you sweetly for your visit tonite :)
Your spring flowers are breathtaking!

alamodestuff said...

Yeah, summer! The flowers are lovely. I can almost smell them! Nice phots.

Anonymous said...

Incredible garden photos! Thanks for sharing - since it snowed here again today I need to get my spring fix online :(

Kelley said...

You've captured all my favorites of spring. LOVELY!