Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Harvest

This has been a very good year for our garden. The spring flowers were large and fragrant, the roses and other flowers have been beautiful all summer long, the cherries did well for young trees, The tomato plants are over 6 feet tall, and now we have PEACHES!

Our little tree is loaded down with fruit. The deer have come by to snack occassionally, but so far, have been very polite and left the majority for us. :)
We had to tie up and support some of the branches.
And did I mention the tomatoes? Here's a summer salad of mixed veggies...marinated in just a touch of italian dressing. Yum!

What's in your garden?


Sugar Bear said...

Yummy! My mouth is watering. Hubby was so busy he never got around to planting our garden :( but he did find a few cucumbers and tomoatoes growing in there the other day. Yay!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

We are on the same page. I just posted about my yard. Its that time of year. We get to receive the bounty of the earth. Love that.

Angela Louise said...

Isn't it just so wonderful when the weather does the right thing to the garden? Everything looks so fresh and yummy. We get peaches on our tree but the nasty old fruitflies that are virtually impossible to get rid of if you grow organically completely destroy them. It's so sad!
Enjoy your bounty and garden, Angela.

LOUISE said...

I've had year off of growing vegetables, although I have tomatoes and summer squash. How I would love a peach tree in my garden, the ones you buy in the supermarkets over here are usually just horrible, yours look mouthwatering juicy. I hope you can pop over to my blog to pick up an award. x

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Oh YUM!Just wanted to tell you I saw your wonderful tomatoe salud the other day and made one tonight! I forgot to take a pic but it was SO yummy! Thanks for the great idea!

Marilyn said...

We're getting zucchini, green beans, cucumbers and lots of tomatoes but the plants are starting to look pretty mature and the spider mites are fighting us on taking over the entire garden. I have acorn and spaghetti squash planted and am hoping I can keep the little buggers at bay until I get my fall squash.
Our peaches froze with a June freeze we had. We put a brood light in the tree and everything but it didn't keep jack frost from nipping those little buds. I have a total of 6 peaches on the entire tree.

Your salad looks awesome, yummmmm!
Marilyn in NM

Jen r. said...

OH yum! Nothing like that! Jen r

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Oh yum! I had tons of nectarines but that got black spot (I don't spray). I was really sad about that because they're my favorite summer fruit. Did you spray or do anything to your peaches. I may have to start doing a light spraying of my fruit trees as even my apple trees had some fungus this year.

I dug up some red potatoes last night and we had them with roast along with homegrown cucumber salad.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Manuela!
No we don't spray. I'm too afraid of poisoning the critters that we 'share' our produce with. ;)

I'm sure the fungus could be an issue in the future, but so far so good this year. :)


ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'm grabbing a spoon!

Lil_Birdie said...

Those peaches look so good , lovely garden .

It's still in the upper 90's here and the only thing I have growing in this heat is bananas and okra .
(we garden in the fall and winter)

Jillian said...

Looks delicious! Love summer foods.

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Lovely photos! that salad is amazing!!!

We have an annual summer challenge ~ corn vs sunflowers in our garden (eg. Dad vs. the kids). This year the corn won, LOL.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oooh, that looks refreshing and beautiful! All we have is one pot of cherry tomatoes this year. Sad.
Smiles, Karen

kari and kijsa said...

Yumm!! Delicious!!
Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
Have a wonderful Labor Day,
kari & kijsa

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Lucky you, to live where peaches grow. Yummy!