Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Look for the Bedroom ~ Lovely Linen

I recently updated the look of our bedroom. I actually loved the yellow, but it needed to be repainted and hated to waste the opportunity to change it up a bit. We'll also probably be putting the house on the market soon, so I wanted it to be more neutral.
I painted the walls with a color from Restoration Hardware called Mediterranean White.

I purchased one of the nightstands from Home Goods and painted one of my old ones black to match. The bedside lamps are from Meijer's.
The Mantle headboard was reupholstered with linen and I purchased tan linen curtains from Pottery Barn.

The vintage quilt at the foot of the bed is made with squares of all vintage linen floral fabrics in fabulous fall colors. I also made a new pillow out of a vintage linen from my stash.

A new shaggy 8x10 rug (also from Home Goods) was a steal at only $150.00 and is nice and soft under foot. :-)

On the other side of the room still sits the deacon's bench and on top of the dresser, Hubby gets a new place to stash his guy stuff...a wonderful old wooden box from Gram's attic. I also framed a vintage sheet music cover, with a lovely art nouveau design, in an old frame.

Well, that's it for a tour of the bedroom. I have the shop and website on vacation mode for a few days, but I'll be listing new items on Monday November 1st.
Have a great week, everyone!


Unknown said...

Oh what a lovely bedroom and if I lived in your part of the world I would certainly be doing a house tour when the house came on the market.
Beverley (UK)

Sugar Bear said...

Looks lovely! Where are you looking to move?

My Casa Bella said...

Beautifully Done! Why is it that when we plan on selling our home is when we make the changes needed, to only allow someone else to enjoy it? We'll be doing the same thing ourselves. Oh well!

KitschKrafts said...

Oh Gosh, how cozy! I love that quilt at the end of the bed.

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

Beautiful! I love it. I hope you are staying local! Move over to Madeira.. I'd love to have a junking buddy close by!

Unknown said...

Kimberly, Whatcha doin? House on the market? Okay e-mail me soon;)
I'm glad you got to link in at Market Monday. I almost missed it..I'm havin and allergy attack. When I said a while back I was like slowin and everyhting was goin by fast?...seems when I was outside at the park for the craft show...fungus got me as well as mold. This past weekend I began swellin up and gettin dry patches..causing me to cough badly and lose my voice.
Oh well. It's official I'm old and moldy;)

KaHolly said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful! Puts me to shame. Mine is strictly functional (and usually kind of messy!). Another lifetime ago, I had a house that I decorated all in vintage, but sadly it's now all packed up in boxes in storage. ~karen

Stacy said...

Your bedroom look great, Kim. You did such a good job decorating it. I like your mantle headboard, and the quilt is just wonderful.

Could you come over and help me with mine? I have a new bed and vintage-looking bedding that I love, but the rest of the room really needs help ... big plastic containers just don't give a room warmth and personality :)

AdinB said...

Awe! I just love the room. It is something like you find in a European kind of style lodge or something. Just adorable! :) Visiting!

Adin B

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

OOooh, I love this. It's got just the right mix of airy cottage with cozy for fall. I'm putting it on my inspiration wall as we speak! :-)
~Angela :-)

Jessica Turnbow said...

This is so cozy!

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...