Friday, June 10, 2011

Porch Railing Flower Boxes

I thought the front porch needed a little color. So I planted some flower boxes.

I found the railing mount planters at Home Depot. They are designed to hold a plastic flower box, so I had to modify them to hold the moss. Using thin copper wire, I created a grid small enough to contain the moss and dirt. Then followed the same steps as when I plant my hanging baskets. (tutorial here)

I used purple New Guinea Impatiens, blue Lobelia (upright), Coleus, and Sweet potato vine.

I think it gives a nice pop of color to the front of the house. :-)


KatyDidStitches said...

WOW!!! The front of your house is GORGEOUS...and those planters set it off perfectly! Great colors!

I love sweet potato vine. That chartreuse green can really brighten up the shade. Last year, I did our garage window box with small-leaved coleus (two different varieties)...and plunked a sweet potato vine right in the middle, to spill over the front. The best window box I ever planted...which reminds me...I need to do that again!

LOVE seeing the pics of your new home, Kim...keep 'em coming!


Katherine said...

Great combination for you flower boxes. The bright green of the potato vine will really set off the fushia and blue flowers. Just lovely, Kimberly!

KitschKrafts said...

Those are gorgeous! Looks like your place is coming right along. We were hoping to build some boxes for our back deck to bring more color up to eye level, but some other "had to do" items busted our yard budget this year. Next spring I am sure we will be out there hammering away.

Look forward to more shots of the house, inside and out.

Take care!

Miss Creativity said...

What a lovely idea, and I will now go and try it out in my own garden. have a lovely weekend. Take care, keep safe, be happy.
Beverley x

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous. Love the lime of the potato vine and coleus are always a riot of color.

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Absolutely fabulous! The bright pink and lime are perfect!!

Gail said...


Melody said...

Oh Kimberly, your porch looks gorgeous. I thought now wait a minute I must've lost quite a few days since I hadn't seen your new post til today, but as I see you've beren as busy as me in between posts 8o)

this is my patch said...

Fantastic flower boxes! New Guinea Impatiens are great value for money, and so good in sun and shade. Infact I love all the plants you have used. x