Friday, April 27, 2012

Blooming in the Yard This week

Lots of pretty flowers blooming in the yard this week. Here are just a few: Orange and yellow poppies.

Columbine in shades of purple, pink, and white.


And several unidentified beauties.

 And in the shade garden along the side of the house we have ferns, hosta, creeping Jenny, lily of the valley, and ajuga. 
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Valerie said...

Kimberly-your garden is magnificent!!! Your beautiful photos make me want summer to be here now:)

Thank you so much for sharing!

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Just gorgeous Kimberly, don't ya love spring :->
I could go broke visiting all the garden centers this time of year.

Stephanie said...

Your yard is spectacular. My favorites in our yard right now are the bleeding hearts. So delicate and pretty. Hunny has a gorgeous place to romp and play.

Stacy said...

Your blooming garden is beautiful. This is such a gorgeous time of year. Everything is so vivid and saturated with color.

Melody said...

Oh Kimberly, Your Garden is gorgeous. Those unidentified Flowers are Trillium (white) and Forget-me-nots
(blue). They're wildflowers.

darkheart2011 said...

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Melody said...

HEhe...You'll find em growin wild in Mt Airy....up at Ceasar Creek....and
in the Morrow area. You might try Natorp's, Nature's Nook, or Delhi

Nanette Merrill said...

So jealous. They are beautiful. Just like fabric!