Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yellow Pottery Collection

I recently started a collection of yellow pottery to use in my kitchen.  I knew I wanted yellow as an accent color in the room and when I found 3 inexpensive vintage planters at the antique mall in the perfect shade, I knew a collection was born.  :)

I've been able to find several more since that day at flea markets and antique stores. So far, they have all been $10.00 or less!  I love the planter shapes and use them to hold all those little items that seem to appear on our kitchen window sill (extra keys, restuarant gift cards, pocket knife, etc.). 

I also made a new curtain for the window.  It is just a faux roman shade, since there is already a working shade mounted to the window. I know the photos are bad, but its impossible to get decent lighting in this room for pictures.
And this past weekend I braved the 98 degree heat and ventured out to the Lawrenceburg flea market.  No fabric finds this time, but I did score a fantastic old store bread sign from the 1930's.  Its BIG...and in yellow! It will be perfect for the kitchen. It has some rough corners, so I want to make a frame for it, but I'll show you pictures when its finished.
Stay cool everyone and have a great week!


Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

I love your new pottery! And you got some great buys! You're right, 3 is a collection-- LOL.

Stephanie said...

Oh so gorgeous. Love the fabric in your roman shade. I am looking for an old sign for my kitchen. I found an adorable pet food one (not for my kitchen) in terrific condition but the price was scary. You are brave in this heat. I'm considering the Springfield antique market this coming Saturday. Not so sure though...Can't wait to see your sign.

Valerie said...

Kimberly, your kitchen is so pretty! When I redo my kitchen I am going to use lots of yellow as well-it's such a perfect kitchen color. And I love your yellow pottery! I have a terrible weakness for art pottery myself!

I can't wait to see your bread sign!

98 degrees is so hot!! Try to stay cool!

My Casa Bella said...

Beautiful Fabric you used for the treatment, I will go next week to get fabric for my greenhouse window, can't wait.

Melody said...

Very pretty kitchen. The pottery gives the kitchen a sunny disposition ;) I don't think I'll ever get to the Flea Markets this year...I haven't even been able to do any craft shows either. We have been to the Antique Mall for little looks....It's already been a long Summer...sigh.