Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Recent Sewing Projects

I have been sewing lately, but I've been terrible at photographing and documenting my projects. I blame my 10 year old camera...I can't take a decent photo to save my life!  Or maybe its this house...I haven't yet found a window with decent lighting. Or maybe its my complete lack of photography skills...yes, that's probably it.
Anyway, I made myself a new set of pot holders.  We had friends over for dinner last week, and as I was taking the pan out of the oven, I was so embarrassed by my ratty pot holders. It was time for new ones.

This is about as close to quilting as I get. None of my lines match up, so you quilters out there, don't look too close. :)   But these were just for me, and I love the colors with my kitchen, so I'm happy.
I also made a new zip clutch purse.

 Mainly just testing out a new pattern shape, so I haven't yet decided if this one will be mine, a gift, or offered on Etsy.  I used a home dec fabric I bought on sale from
And lastly, I made myself a laminated cotton travel bag before we left for our Florida trip.

Mine is the large blue one.  I wanted something that would hold all of my cosmetics and toiletries and still have room for a damp swimsuit.  Its about 14"x14" and seemed to be the perfect size.  My MIL liked it, so I made a slightly smaller one for her.
I also got the basement family room done. But decent pictures continue to elude me.  I think I need a new camera...any suggestions? Until then, I'll try to get a few shots with hubby's i-phone.
Have a great week, everyone! 


Stephanie said...

I think yesterday was a snow blindness day with the bright sun reflecting on the white snow. Hard to take photos in that lighting too! Terrific new potholders. You know...I have really ugly ones too and why haven't I made myself new ones? Love the laminated cottons. So useful and great for traveling.

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

I love your new potholders and zipper bags! Great fabrics and projects! Happy New Year!!

Valerie said...

Kimberly, I love your new potholders! I think your quilting looks pretty darn good and I really like the colors you chose too! I made new potholders last summer, after my husband accidentally set fire to one of my vintage ones!! (Horror of horrors!) I have to keep telling myself that potholders are meant to be used, but it's hard-especially when they are as pretty as the ones you just made:)

I love your new clutch too-very, very, cute design!

Nancy said...

Oh, Kim, I need new potholders, too. Your cute potholders inspire me to get out my sewing machine and get busy. Love the clutch and the bags, too. The fabric you used for your MIL's bag is stunning. Love the colors.

KitschKrafts said...

The pot holders look great and have inspired me to get off my bum and make some for myself. Now, to just decide on a fabric.....