Monday, December 16, 2013

EpiPen Case

This was a little project for a friend of mine. Her daughter has peanut allergies and she wanted a pretty case for her Epipen.

I made two different styles (actually 3, but didn't get a picture of one of them).  I also made a small label to identify the contents.

I used a computer printer fabric sheet for the label, backed it with interfacing and satin stitched around the edge.  Then just trimmed any excess fabric close to the stitching.  Because the ink isn't washable, I just basted it on to the case with large stitches.  That way she can remove it if she ever does need to clean it. (Update: I just found out that they do make one that's washable.)

Have you ever used the printer fabric?  I'm wondering how I could use the other 3+ sheets in the pack.  :)


Abby and Stephanie said...

Well a pretty way to carry a life saving item. I think the identification is brilliant.

Katherine said...

So pretty! Very clever, Kimberly.

Merry Christmas!