Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Couple of New Bags

This first tote and pouch set was made with that gorgeous Anna Maria Horner fabric from her Drawing Room line along with linen. There's enough interest in the art nouveau print, so I kept the bag pretty simple.

This set was recently donated to a local cancer benefit silent auction. Mmmm mmm...I just LOVE that fabric!

The next one is a mix of old and new. Another Drawing Room print is used with a fun vintage fabric from the 1950's. This one is on the website. (or will be soon)

I think the fact that I'm already sick of winter and cold weather prompted me to use the cute patio print. :) The backside is a little more sophisticated, having just the linen and teal print.I'm also trying out some new things with the straps in an attempt to find a handle that I don't hate making.

Really, that is my least favorite part of sewing bags. I think I might even try the rivet thingy so I don't have to sew through all those layers. If anyone has any suggestions, or if you've used the rivets, I'd love to hear how you like them.


willywagtail said...

I think this bag should fly out of the shop - it is so cute. Cherrie

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Thanks Cherrie! :)

Stephanie said...

Love both bags but the vintage one is my favorite! I do love how you did your handles. I've been wanting to try "d" rings but haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful bags! I love your fabric choices. I too don't enjoy the strap making process. When you have a lot of bags to make that part is like torture... x

Melody said...

Pretty as always! Love the patio fabirc. I hate straps. I do like the grommets with the rings. Then you can use those differnet handles or chain.

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Great bags, I love the way you used the vintage patio print. I made ONE bag once using grommets with vintage barkcloth. I don't know if I did something wrong but the grommets cut right into the fabric and ruined the bag. Grommets and eyelets are a pain, because you can't just punch a hole in the fabric first, you must punch "out" a hole of fabric first.
I do like how you did these handles, they look great!
xo, suzy

Niesz Vintage Home said...

hmmm...so I guess there is no easy handle them, huh? Rats. I'll just have to suck it up and carry on. LOL

Kimberly :)

NeereAnDear said...

What stunning fabrics and I love how you used the simplicity of the linen with the patterned material....

I dont have a clue about handles.. though I have tried to make a few purses but small simple ones with cording for straps.... hate trying to make those big ones..

Let us know what you decide



Jillian said...

Yes, definitely...Ditto on what willywagtail said...that bag should fly out! It is so neat!

You rock!

Marilyn in NM said...

Awesome, girl! I wish I liked to sew as much as I love knitting. I can do it, I just don't enjoy it that much so here I am with ugly store bought bags not beautiful hand made by Kim! Guess I better check out your Etsy shop!!!!

Hugs from New Mexico,

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hello, I stumbled onto your blog from google. Very cute. I enjoyed looking and reading and your lovely bags.
Have a wonderful day

Shabbyfufu said...

So chic Kimberly. Vintage Moderne is all the rage these days! ~XO~ Janet

Angela Louise said...

Hello Kimberly, I think your bags are so wonderful. I love the fabric you use and how neat you are.
Eventhough you don't like sewing the handles you do such a good job of it.
Thankyou for visiting me over at Chelsea Blue, it's always lovely to find a comment from you.
*Smiles* Angela.

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hello, nice to hear from you!!!
Let me know if you dont find the scent on my website. I do special orders all the time.
Have a good one.

The Vintage Kitten said...

I love the 2nd bag its beautiful X

rachel the krafty girl said...

wow those bags are stunning


Fiesta said...

Those bags are awesome!

Stephanie said...

I was just at an ASG class where they showed the rivets...and I must say that I love the effect. And, yes, it looked pretty easy. The key was to make sure that there was enough fabric to make it snug. I love these purses!!