Monday, November 28, 2011

Labradors and Mud Puddles

This picture will be a very common site around here for the next few days. Lots of rain in Southern Ohio, and although Hunny isn't exactly fond of rainy days, she does love playing in the mud. :-)

She was also very excited to receive a fun gift from her doggy blog pal Abby. This cute Pooch Pouch for her treats and a Key Leash to take with us on our walks.

Abby's mom is the talented Stephanie of Loft Creations. Stephanie has generously posted tutorials for both of these items, plus lots of other fun projects, on her blog here. She also sells PDF patterns for her fabulous bags in her Etsy Shop.


Stephanie said...

Is there anything better than a muddy puddle? Well maybe biscuits! Abby would love to play in the mud and eat biscuits with Hunny. Our backyard looks just like yours. :o) Thank you for the sweet words.

KatyDidStitches said...

Aww...Hunny, you are cutie-pie!


Melody said...

This is too doggone cute! Hunny cannot help but get in mud I think all fo Cincy is gushing it!! Shadow sloggs right into it, but our first Elkhound, Norawae, she hated dirt. Pure girl she'd wait on the porch for someone to dry her feet and hold up her paws to be wiped!