Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Hunny Celebrates a Pretty Day

We had a couple of gorgeous spring-like days here in southern Ohio. I think Hunny enjoyed them even more than I did. She celebrated the sunny day by rolling around in the dirt, scooching down the hill on her back, and laying in the sun ALL DAY. I mean, this dog loves her food, but I could barely get her inside at dinner time!
The day ended with a bath. :-)
Its raining today, but still unseasonably warm. Bring on spring!


Stephanie said...

Hunny knows how to live a dog's life! Abby loves a good sunbath and she isn't afraid of mud either. :o)

Gramma Rita said... this post! That is one verrrry happy dog! :D

My Casa Bella said...

I do the same thing when its warm and sunny out!

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness, Hunny looks SOOOOO happy. Thanks for sharing the pics, that really made me smile.

Valerie said...

This is so hilariously true! A happy dog is a dog that is rolling in something we'd rather not have them roll in! I'm ready for warm days too, and less mud!!

rochambeau said...

Hunny makes me smile. She is adorable and certainly knows what carpe diem means!!!