Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vintage 1940's Floral Fabrics

It is no secret that I LOVE vintage fabrics, and I have to say that it is hard for me to pick favorites. But, the cheery bright florals of the 1940's are certainly at the top of the list.
Generally larger in scale than those of the 1920's and early 30's, and seemingly odd color combos taken from opposite sides of the color wheel, they just make me smile. :-)
I have had a lot of these pretties over the years, and thought I would share a few photos of some of my favs.
Some of these are available in my Etsy shop or the website, and others are from the archives. Enjoy the eye candy!


Stephanie said...

A fabulous collection and that lime green just reached out and touched me. Love it! Hope you're enjoying a sunny Ohio day.

Valerie said...

Those color combinations make me weak in the knees! When I see fabrics like these, I know for a fact I'll never have a big enough stash!! :) Thanks for sharing!

Stacy said...

I love the vintage fabric, too. I have tablecloth made with fabric similar to the first photo of yellow with pink roses. It is so bright and cheery. Wonderful collection, thank you for sharing it.

Melody said...

Oh boy! Those are so always find the best.

Elizabeth said...

I love the colors!

KitschKrafts said...

Fun, Fun, FUN! These are all great. Thanks for sharing.