Monday, March 19, 2012

Mid Century Barkcloth in Chartreuse!

I recently came across a wonderful piece of mid century modern barkcloth. It has a cool design of waves (or maybe they're claw marks?) on a chartreuse leopard spotted background! The name of the pattern is Aurora and is a Goldco Vat print according to the info on the selvage. I've had this design before in a green and a brown colorway, but I think this acid yellow or chartreuse is my favorite! Its currently listed on the website here:'re having the most gorgeous summer-like weather here in Southern Ohio, so I'm heading out to the yard to play in the garden...hope you're enjoying spring, too! :-)

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Stacy said...

Cool fabric! It sort of reminds me of Salvador Dali's art. Spring has sprung here, too. It's been warm and sunny all week, but tomorrow we are expecting a big storm. Have a great weekend.