Monday, March 25, 2013

Living Room Corner

Just wanted to share a quick photo of a corner of the living room that I've been working on.  After selling the Tiny House, I was able to bring the few furniture pieces home that I had been using for staging.  The living room at this house has kind of an awkward L-shaped layout with a large off center fireplace.  This far corner wasn't working for the sofa, so I decided to hang a new light fixture (from Lowes) over a small round dining table.  It can serve as a game table, or intimate dining area for two.  :)

The artwork above the table was a HobbyLobby find and mimics the popular multi-print applique pillow from Anthropologie.
I'm on the hunt now for some items to decorate the mantle for spring. I'll share more photos of the living room when I get it together. 
Have a great week everyone! And I hope its looking more like spring where you are, because here in Ohio, we're still covered in snow!


Valerie said...

I like it, Kimberly! Very pretty!!

I checked my rhubarb this weekend-it was peeking out from the fresh dusting of snow we got. There's hope yet:)

Stephanie said...

Cozy. Pretty. Love the deKalb seed sign. Abby is suffering from SAD and translating it into EAT!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Love it! You've got such great style!!