Saturday, June 23, 2007

Monogrammed Linens

I LOVE vintage monogrammed linens! I just have to buy them.

They have a history; a very personal connection to their former owners.

I use less than perfect hankies or orphaned single napkins for projects, but wouldn't dare break up a set.

Monogrammed hankies make a wonderful bridal gift.
And for a wedding gift or house-warming prsent, you can't go wrong with a lovely set of pillowcases. This set is gorgeous and came with a matching bolster cover.
I have several sets of dinner napkins. The first is a set of 12 with a "K" on the corner and damask roses.

The next set features a bold centered "D" with damask mums.
This is my favorite. It is a set of 4 with an intricate triple monogram with tiny lily of the valley. Its set on the corner of a pure white damask with more lily of the valley and flowing ribbons. BEAUTIFUL!

Perhaps the oldest in my monogram collection is this set of redwork towels. I'm not sure of their exact purpose, but they are quite large.
I have an odd number of these and one has a stubbon mark that refuses to budge...hmmmm...I see a project in its future. :)

**I've had a couple of emails asking if these items would be listed for sale. I hope to have at least some of them on the website this week. Inspecting and photographing linens is a daunting task for me, but I am trying to be better at getting them listed. LOL :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Easy Weekend Project - Wicker & A Faux Doily Table

My wicker needed an update. For a cheap Pier 1 set purchased 15 years ago, its really held up well. Its been repainted several different colors, the last being a dark green. I was ready for something lighter so I chose a spray paint in a light sage, almost cream, color.

It takes MANY coats to go from a dark color to a light one (the chair could stll use another coat).
I also painted a little rustic side table and decorated the top with a faux doily design. After painting the table the light sage color, I painted a center square in white. Then using just a touch of spray adhesive, I positioned the paper doily. (I find vintage ones at yard sales all the time, but you can also get them at a cake decorating supply store) After a few passes with the sage spray paint , carefully lift off the paper and your done!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Perfect Day

Sunny blue skies, 80 degrees, low humidity, gentle breeze...aaaahhhhhh...the perfect day.

I had to be at home for a furniture delivery, so I was ready to tackle some projects. Repainting a wicker set and a little side table kept me busy most of the day. While waiting for paint to dry (and to give my hands a rest), I watered the flowers and took some pictures I just had to share.
The colors are so pretty.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Lovely Cottage Charm Gift has Arrived!!!

Yes, that's right, I won TWO of the Cottage Charm giveaways. I almost feel a little guilty...almost. LOL

This charming package, wrapped in polka dot tissue and tied with fabric strips, comes all the way from Australia. Alison of Rags to Riches Quilting put together this beautiful mix of coordinating ParisBebe fabrics and chenille squares. She also included instructions for making a romantic Sarah Alexander wall hanging.

Look at all of the different chenille patterns!! Aren't they the cutest?!

Thank you , thank you, thank you!!! I LOVE my fabrics, Alison. Now, I just have to decide what to make first. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Its Here!! My Beautiful Cottage Charm Gift

Its HERE!!!! I was thrilled to be the winner of Marilyn's Cottage Charm Giveaway over at Ivy and Lace Cottage.

The moment I opened the box, I was greeted with a lovely embossed card. Then each little prize was wrapped in colorful paper. One by one I unwrapped my gifts. A beautiful antique doily and pair of adorable potholders...A box of seashell notecards and matching notepad...a rustic iron hook...stunning transferware plate...and a forget-me-not garden (in a canister), so sweet!
Such a generous giveaway package. Thank you sooooo much, Marilyn! I LOVE it all.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Easy Weekend Project - Capri Re-Make & Summer Shirt Jacket

Re-make #1 - Capris

Today's Easy Weekend Project will require you to raid the back of your closet.

This all started when I was clearing out old clothes. (sigh)...a pair of summer pants I bought in Hawaii; I loved them. They were as comfortable as pajamas, tropical, and figure flattering. But, after the second washing, they had drawn up to become high-waters. I had held on to them this long thinking I might use them as a pattern for another pair, but that didn't happen. As a last ditch effort to save them from the Goodwill bag, I decided to re-make them into capris.

I cut them off below the knee and serged the edges.
I then found a tan fabric, cut two 4" wide strips and folded in half for the 2" cuff. With right sides together, it was pinned to the bottom of the pant leg.
I top-stitched along the top and bottom of the cuff for a finished look and I was done!
New life for my Hawaii pants! Woo Hoo! (sorry for the lousy picture) I have since capri-ed two pairs of high-water sweat pants, too!

Re-make #2 - Summer Shirt Jacket

Now, I was inspired. What else could I save from "the bag". A big white cotton shirt was the next to receive a make-over.

I just don't wear long oversized shirts. However, I did need a summer jacket. Something to put on when restaurant air-conditioning reaches sub-zero temps or after the sun goes down at the cook-out. So, I cut off the shirt-tail bottom and serged the edge. Then cut a long strip of vintage fabric for the bottom. Hemmed the strip and attached it (right sides together) to the shirt bottom. Top-stitched and turned back the edges at the front placket. (sp?) I added feedsack covered buttons to the front pockets and a fun flower and stem applique to the back. What's in the back of your closet?