Thursday, April 23, 2009

A is for Applique

A is for Applique. I have been sewing some cute appliques on burp cloths. Yes, I know. This baby gift theme is going on a little longer than I intended. This will be it for a while, I promise. LOL

B is for Buttefly.
C is for Circle.
D is for Dove. (ok, yes, it should be Bird, but B was already taken)

I can't post about the fun of machine applique without thanking Katherine of Sew Me Something Good. She has written an excellent and easy to follow tutorial. There is a link to it on the side bar of her blog. Thanks again, Katherine! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fabric Storage Basket

I've been wanting to make myself a couple of fabric storage boxes for a while now. While looking around for a pattern or tutorial that suited my needs, I found this one that I really liked by Pink Penguin. I loved the shape and easy construction of the main sections. But, as many of you know, I don't quilt yet and too many small pieces still make me nervous. LOL I also needed something a little larger. So, I altered the size and construction slightly, and I think it turned out just fine. :)
The finished size is about 13"L x 8"D x 10"H. A medium weight interfacing was used on both the exterior and lining fabrics. Then fleece was sewn to the exterior fabrics following the lines of the vines on the fabrics.I made a removable rigid foam core insert to support the bottom. And a matching linen tag holder.Now, since my friends have all become unwitting guinea pigs for my sewing projects, this storage basket went to someone with three children. That's why the tag has "TOYS" on it. When I make my own, it will likely be used for magazines, the many unfinished sewing projects, or ribbons and trim.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling a Bit Under the Weather

I haven't been able to do much more than cough and sleep this past week. :(
But would you look at the beautiful flowers my husband bought me! They definitely brightened my day.
I will hopefully be back in a few days with a post of more substance and vintage crafty goodness.

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Dancing Leaves" Barkcloth Tote

I love this barkcloth and have been dying to use it in a project. Its a midcentury modern print entitled "Dancing Leaves" and has been attributed to the surrealist artist Salvador Dali.
For this tote, I've paired it with a green linen that is a shade somewhere between olive and chartreuse. A geometric black and white fabric was used for the other side as well as the interior pocket.Black piping was used to help the two fabrics stand out against the green linen.
Since this is an open tote, I think I'll make a matching zippered pouch for it. I haven't decided yet if this is for me, or to sell. If I succumb to the pressure to make some money, it will be on the website, here. :)
Have a great weekend, everyone!