Monday, June 15, 2015

Vintage Fabric DIY Teepee

I'm back after a bit of a break, with a fun project. A DIY teepee!
I'll be watching my little niece while she's on her summer break from school, so I try to have something new for her. I had been saving the sturdy cardboard rolls from upholstery fabric thinking that they would be useful for some craft project and this was it!

I used an awl to make a hole through the top of each one...
Then threaded twine through the holes and wrapped the 4 together.
Next I found a large piece of vintage fabric from the stash (It was a couple pieces that had been sewn together, probably for use as a quilt back). I made a rough template and used that to cut out the pieces I needed. I also added a contrasting trim fabric, just because. ;-)

In order to keep the seems lined up on the poles, I sewed small ties on the inside.
It was a quick project, folds up and stores easily, and finally got those cardboard tubes out of my sewing room...crafting success!