Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tiny House Porch Addition

There has been so much going on lately that I completely forgot to share pictures of the Tiny House's recent face lift. The project started last summer (before we purchased and even found the new house) and it was something I had wanted for a long time...a front porch!
This is what the front looked like before. Your typical 1960-70's brick ranch, complete with the obligatory yew hedge.
Just a small stoop and no overhang to protect guests from the elements.
The blacktop driveway had seen better days.
The first stage of the project was to have a new concrete driveway and porch slab poured. The front hedge came out and a we installed a jar bubbler fountain under the window.
Then the porch was built and we started laying out where we would lay the paver walkways. A local garden center drew up landscaping plans for us (many places offer this as a free service knowing you'll likely spend lots of money on the plants).
We love the craftman style and tried to incorporate a little of that into the design of the porch supports. We gave the drawings to our contractor and he did a wonderful job building the structure.
And here it is now. We finished up the painting ourselves to save on money and put in the rest of the landscaping.

I'd still like to get a few more plants in and a couple of chairs with pretty pillows on the porch, but its a definite improvement. I'm a little sad that I never got to enjoy it while I lived here but,we've still got a bit of work to do before it goes on the market and we're just a few minutes down the road, so I plan on sitting out on my new front porch every chance I get. :-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its HOT!

It is crazy hot around here! 98 degrees with a heat index of 110. I'm not doing much out in the yard, but I did capture a few fun pictures.

This first one is of a large hawk that hangs out in our front tree from time to time. The robins and hummingbirds get so mad, that they gang up and chase him away before long.

I was also pleasantly surprised to discovered that the bush by the deck blooms! I think it might be Crepe Myrtle. If anyone recognizes it, let me know. :-)And the butterfly bush by the back door is a favorite hangout for both butterflies and the many hummingbirds we have in the area. I haven't been able to get a picture of the hummingbirds yet...they're fast!

I'm spending a lot of time right now at the tiny house filling nail holes, painting, and doing what I can to get it ready to sell. Most of the big projects are downstairs and require Hubby's construction skills, so they will have to wait until he has some free time. But, all of this work is seriously cutting into my blogging time. I hope to be able to catch up on all of the fun summer projects going on in blogland soon.

Stay cool, everyone and have a great week!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Feedsacks and Fabrics from the Flea Market

It has been a whirlwind of activity around here this summer. Besides having two fairly large yards to keep maintained, we have also had a baby shower at the new house, a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" get-together thrown by our sweet new neighbors, a big yard sale, a trip to the antique flea market, and hubby has completely disassembled and sold via Craigslist our large 225 gallon saltwater aquarium that was built into the wall of the basement family room of the old house. Whew!

Anyway...back to the main subject of this post...I found some wonderful feedsacks and vintage fabrics at the flea market in Lawrenceburg a few weeks ago. A couple of fun calicos from the 1970's.

A cute red and white gingham and a kind of boho floral, also form the 60-70's.

And these gorgeous feedsacks!

This one is my favorite; pink daisies, red polka dots, and an aqua background...could it get any better? :-)
The fabrics can be found on the website here .

And the feedsacks are available on the website here.

I have several projects I want to share including a painted cabinet make-over, as soon as I get some pictures taken. I am also going to need some help figuring out what to do with this living room arrangement. I'm stumped and in need of some serious Candice Olson magic.

Have a great weekend!