Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Tiny Kitchen ~ and A Little of This and That

Whew! Who would have thought it would take sooooo long to finish such a tiny kitchen? I'd still like to make a new valance for the the window, but haven't found the right fabric, yet. I'm torn between giving the small room a punch of color, or keeping it more subdued and blending with the adjoining living/dining room.
Here's a list of the materials that we used: Colonial Gold Granite countertops, Cabinets from Home Depot in Dove White, Kohler Smart Divide sink, Brushed nickle hardware and faucet, Wall color is a very light tan called "Hominy" by Martha Stewart from Lowes.

Now comes the "Little of this and That" part of the post. First, some fabulous fabrics. I think I'm finally ready to part with this beautiful GlenCourt curtain panel.
And I also came across these great 1950's barkcloth pieces as I was reorganizing the stash.
Its kind of a deco wave on a leopard spotted background. The small green piece sold quickly, but there is also a larger piece in brown listed on the website. You can see all the newly listed items here. And I have a few pictures of some of the sewing projects I've been working on. This first wristlet may look familiar, as the fabric is the same gorgeous ocean blue linen that my drapes are made from. I made yet another wristlet from the cute powder blue chidren's fabric, but added a fun detail to the back. A vintage yoyo flower and appliqued leaves.

Here's the front...are we tired of seeing this fabric, yet? LOL I've also been making some vintage fabric bookmarkers. I thought they would be nice as freebies to include with orders. I'll try to get a picture of them soon.
Well, that's it for my miscellaneous post today. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scenes From the Garden and Patio

I finally got some work done in the yard. It has been so cool here, that I was afraid to put my annuals in before last week. And in typical Ohio fashion, it has gone from chilly low 60's to hot and humid 80's over night. LOL This year I chose red and pink as the main colors in the hanging baskets and planters. I've accented with touches of yellow (lantana) and orange (tuberous begonias and daisies) , as well.
The baskets hang on our trellis which is covered in wisteria. And in the years we've been in the house, the trees have grown considerably...So my once very sunny patio is now shaded through a good part of the day. I rely on shade-tolerant impatients and begonias for good color throughout the summer.
Our old shed is covered in pink roses this year! This is a variety called "New Dawn". It is a hearty, disease resistant, climber that seems to thrive on my neglect. LOL You can also see a little peek of the veggie garden behind the shed. I'm afraid it got planted late, too. We probably won't being seeing any ripe tomatoes until September. haha