Thursday, January 26, 2012

Featured on Houzz

Do you know about Houzz?
Personally, I'm addicted to it. Its kind of like Pinterest for decorating, landscaping, and home design. Literally hundreds of thousands of gorgeous home pictures that you can browse randomly or by select rooms, then you can add your favorites to your Ideabook. You can also upload photos of your own home.
Anyway, I recently uploaded a few pictures of some of our renovations on the new house and was featured in one of the articles! The article is about using office furniture throughout the house. Our small guest room was shown as an example of using a file cabinet as an end table. You can view the slideshow above (if I've managed to upload it correctly).
And if you haven't been yet, you must head over to Houzz and check out all of the wonderful decorating inspiration. :-)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tree Hearts

How great is that!...Heart shaped tree logs. :-)
We had to have a very large ash tree taken down this weekend. It wasn't dead or diseased, but it was somewhat of a hazard. A few limbs had fallen during some recent windy weather, one of which went right through my car's windsheild. It also towers above the house almost 3-4 stories tall and is on a slope that has been satururated with water run-off for the better part of the year. The anxiety of it crashing into our bedroom during the next big storm was just getting too overwhelming, so for peace of mind, hubby agreed to have it taken down.
We have friends who can use the firewood and we'll keep some of the stumps to use as seating around the firepit. Hubby also had the tree guys keep one section longer so he could use the wood to make a rustic outdoor bench.
Anyway, just had to share the awesome naturally heart shaped tree pieces with you. Wouldn't they be pretty as side table tops? :-)