Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Counters and Cabinets and Tiles, OH MY!

Well, the kitchen is FINALLY getting done. Its probably more of an updating rather than an all out remodel. The room is tiny, will always be tiny, and short of a 2-story addition there's nothing that will change that.

So this week we have picked out the granite for the counters, installed the new oven, mounted the microwave above that, started to remove the old bead board and skim coat the walls, and we're now shopping around for the perfect glass tiles for the walls.

Here is a picture of our granite sample and one of the glass tile options we were considering.

We have a honey oak colored laminate wood floor, and I thought the colors in this tile combo would tie in those warm tones. I also have sea green and ocean blue paint colors in the kitchen and living room so it would work with that, too.

The tiles that hubby and I liked the best, though, are in a line called Beach Glass. We like the 2x4 inch tiles and would use a combo of green, blue, and sand. But, of course, the sand color doesn't come in that size. :( So, we're trying to think of a way around that.I'd show you more pictures, but honestly, there's not much to look at right now. We'll be out looking for a new sink this week, as well. I thought it was about time to retire the 60's avacado green one. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nice Matters

A big "THANK YOU" to Rosy Inspiration for nominating me for a Nice Matters award. Be sure to stop by for a peek into her lovely home and garden down under.

I really am overwhelmed at times by the number of beautiful blogs and talented people I've become aquainted with. I'm convinced that "NICE" is the norm in this section of blogland. I love visiting new sites and I'm thrilled to see comments from lurkers and new faces. I've been fighting with computer issues lately, which have limited my posting time, but they will hopefully be resoved soon. Also, I haven't figured out how to reply to comments via email, yet, so please don't think I'm ignoring you.

Community support for the Indie artist, Cottage industry home business, DIY project master, or Homemaker extraordinaire is so important. I'm inspired everyday by the lovely things I've seen. :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What's For Dinner?

Orange Glazed Salmon, asparagus, and Basmati rice. Mmmmmm...
We eat a fair amount of Salmon at the Niesz house. Usually we bake it in the oven with just a touch of lemon, butter and dill. However, this week I have no oven. The 1960's avocado green wall unit has finally been taken out and a new white one has been ordered. YEA!!!

So anyway, I needed a skillet recipe for salmon. I remembered seeing one over on the Whistlestop Cafe blog a few months back and decided to give it a try.

De-lic-ious and easy! Less than 30 minutes, not counting the marinade time. (Click on the Whistlestop link for the salmon recipe.)

We paired it with Basmati rice and asparagus. My husband makes the asparagus and he has written down the instructions for us. It has a lot more flavor than steamed. Thanks honey :)

1 bundle asparagus
1 tblsp EVOO
2 tblsp soy sauce
1 tblsp sesame seeds
1 tblsp margarine
Dash pepper
1 lemon wedge

Heat oil in skillet, medium heat
Add sesame seeds, allow to brown
Add all other ingredients
Stir occasionally
~ 10 minutes
Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vintage Fabric Flower Bouquets

Its no secret that I have a vintage fabric "Hoarding Disorder". I'm drawn to many different styles of fabrics...Kitchy 50's prints, romantic florals, fun mod flower power prints, sweet children's fabrics, Mid-century atomic prints. However, the main thing that was responsible for sparking my collection was the gorgeous flower bouquet fabrics.

I have collected quite a few over the years, but I can always find room for one more. They make beautiful pillows, but can also be used to cover a bench seat or special chair. They even make a grand statement framed and hung in a group.

Here's a little flower show of just a few that have been in my collection over the years.
Many of these fabrics are listed on the website, and I even have a few on Ebay this week. Auction traffic is pretty slow with all the Back to School hubbub, so its a great time to find a bargain!

Is there room in your home for another flower bouquet?