Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lace Tiaras and Crowns

This was a fun craft project that I did with my little niece last week.  We used small pieces of vintage crochet lace from my stash and some store bought lace to make dress-up crowns and tiaras.

I know this has been around Pinterest for years, but since I don't have kids of my own, I'm a little slow to see some of these crafts.  Anyway, I followed one of the many tutorials out there at thegirlinspired or joyfolie or countless others (seriously, just search for it on Pinterest, there's a lot)

Here's the main supplies I used.

It was pretty hot outside when we made ours, so after saturating the lace, we just dried them outside on wax paper. In the photo below you can the variety of laces we used in there pre-painted state.

Hunny agreed to guard them for me on the deck.  :)
After they were dry, they all got sprayed with either gold or silver spray paint, then some got a light dusting of mod podge and glitter. 
Since many of these crowns would be going to our friend's children, I wanted to make sure to keep the glitter shedding to a minimum. After the glittered ones dried, I used a brush to get off any loose glitter, then gave them 3 coats of a clear spray acrylic.
 The ones that were too short to create full-circle crowns became tiaras.  I used boning leftover from another project to make the size circle I needed, then hot glued the stiffened lace to that.  It made for a nice base, so I even used it on one or two of the crowns.  Then the fun part of decorating them happened.  Various gems, bits of ribbon, and pearls found at yard sales and craft store clearance aisles made for a nice variety.

I also attached a sheer pink "veil" to the back of the purple one to give it a renaissance-ish look. That's also the only one we didn't paint.

So have you made any of these for your little princess or grand-princess?