Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buttons, Beads, & Buckles ~ Vintage Alphabet Collections

Melody from Brown Gingham Creations has put together a fun Vintage Alphabet link party. Beginning in January with the letter A, each month we feature one of our collections starting with the next letter in the alphabet. This month is the letter B and so I'm showing some of the buttons, beads and buckles in my collection.

Love these large coat buttons!
Pretty carded buttons...These are sort of a cross between a button and a cute! Some fun buckles...

And gorgeous vintage glass beads...
If you have a favorite "B" collection, stop by the Etsy Cottage Style Blog to post your link and check out the other fun collections.
Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let's Sew a Zippered Pouch ~ A Tutorial

After hearing several comments from readers that they had never sewn in a zipper before or were intimidated by the thought of installing a zipper, I decided to put together a little tutorial.
I should preface this 'How-to" by saying that it may not be the only way or even the best way to do it. I'm mostly a self-taught, learn by trial and error, kind of sewist, so precede at your own risk. LOL

Go and gather up your materials (list below) and we'll do a fun project together. Go on...I'll wait...

What you'll need:
*2 pieces of outer fabric fused with interfacing and 2 pieces lining fabric all cut to the same size. (I think mine are 9.5" x 6.5", but this method will work with any size, even a small change purse.)
*A zipper (with nylon? teeth, not metal). (As you can see in the pictures, my zipper is longer than my fabric, which is not a problem. But, ideally you want the full length of the zipper, including the tails, to be at least as wide as your fabric.) Helpful tip: A zipper is sized by the length of the teeth, so figure that a 7"zipper is really 8-8.5"L including the tails. A 9" zipper is 10-10.5"L including the tails, and so on.
*A zipper foot and regular foot for your machine

Ok, is everyone ready? Start by layering your first side: a piece of lining face up, zipper face up, and outer fabric face down. Line up top edges and pin.

Using your zipper foot, sew across the top. When you near the end before the zipper pull, stop with your needle down in the fabric. Lift the presser foot and open the zipper so the pull is out of your way. Lower the foot and continue sewing to the end.
Now, fold back the fabrics and press. Next, layer the second side. Lining fabric face up, zipper face up, outer fabric face down.Line up top edges and pin. This time the zipper pull will be in your way right off the bat, so go ahead and open it up a bit before you start sewing.Again, when you get to the pull, stop with the needle down in the fabric, close it back up and continue sewing to the end. Fold back and press. This is what your piece should look like.At this point put the regular foot back on your machine and decide if you want to add a loop tab or label or if you want to top stitch. Usually if I'm using quilt weight fabrics I don't top stitch, but with heavier barkcloth or decorator fabric I will.

Optional top stitching, loop, and label: To top stitch, sew through the top and lining fabrics. With heavier or bulky fabrics this helps to keep them out of the way of the zipper.If you add loop tab or label, be sure to sew them to the outer fabric only.

Now, very important the zipper to an inch or so from the edge of the fabric.

Pin the 2 outer fabrics right sides together and the 2 lining fabrics right sides together. The teeth of the zipper will be pointing toward the lining.
Sew around all 4 edges, leaving a small opening in the bottom of the lining. I also backstitch over the zipper on each side for added strength.Now you can clip the corners and trim off any excess zipper if yours was longer, like mine.
Reach inside the lining opening and turn right side out. Sew up the opening in the lining. Press and TaDa!'ve made a zippered pouch. :-)See, wasn't that easy?

This project is also part of The Twice Remembered Cottage "Make Your Monday" link event. Click the link above to see all the fun things bloggers are making this week.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Brownies on a Snowy Day

We're in the middle of yet another snow storm! So, I made brownies. :-)
What? You want to know my recipe?
Ok, first you go to the grocery store and buy a box of Ghirardelli brownie mix, follow the directions on the back of the box, and enjoy. LOL

And here are a couple of pictures of our back yard covered in snow. Our little shed has snow half way up the door. And our small bistro table with a flower planter still on top, has created a rather large snow dounut.
Stay warm everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tailored Boho Chic Bag

This is the newest Boho Chic bag to come out of the sewing room. You may remember from this post the thought process that went into designing this bag. I wanted to incorporate the best of two worlds...Bohemian chic, with its generous size, richly textured vintage fabrics and saturated colors and Tailored Classic, highlighted by my love of linen and a more structured, clean line construction.
I've also included an interior zippered pocket on this one.
And a pretty velvet rose to accent the front.

This project is also part of The Twice Remembered Cottage "Make Your Monday" link event. Click the link above to see all the fun things bloggers are making this week.

I also wanted to pass along to the fans of Anna Maria Horner fabrics (gorgeous!) that has her Drawing Room line on sale right now for a great price! (Update- It looks like its all sold now. I hope you were able to get a yard or two.) Even though I already have a cupboard full of her fabric, I couldn't resist getting a few more yards. :-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Vintage 60's Fabrics

I believe that it is physically impossible NOT to smile when you look at these fabrics. :-)
They are just Happy Fun prints! They all date to the 1960's -70's and sport cute daisies and flowers of all kinds.
Bright pinks and greens seem to dominate, but a pretty aqua blue makes a showing, as well.

I hope they brightened your day as much as they did mine. :-)