Friday, January 10, 2014

Cold Weather and Warm-Hearted Friends

Like much of the country, we have had our share of snow and cold weather this winter.  And earlier this week, found ourselves in the deep freeze of the polar vortex.  brrrrrr  
But a sweet package arrived to brighten my week.  A lovely pair of handmade kitchen goodies from the talented quilter, blogger, and pattern designer, Stephanie of Loft Creations! (Who, by the way, now has her very own book!)
I just had to share a picture of them in front of the vintage bread sign hanging in my kitchen.  Look how awesome they go together.  And the little pear applique on the hot pad is all vintage fabrics...too perfect.  :)
And in an effort to make peace with all the snow, I've put together a few vintage fabrics that remind me of snowflakes.

These are all from the 1950's.  The design is sort of a Penn-Dutch, geo-floral that was quite popular at the time.  I've always liked them as they were reminiscent of the Spirograph designs of my childhood. And although similar, they were each unique, like snowflakes.  :)

Stay warm, everyone!  Only 10 more weeks until spring! (ugh, can that be right?)lol