Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Progress at the New House ~ 2nd Bedroom

Before I show you the 2nd bedroom, I want you to see the new cabinet that I got for the office (3rd bedroom). Its the Hemnes Linen Cabinet from Ikea! Its the perfect shade of red. Love it! It will hold our books, magazines, and basic office supplies.

Ok, now on to the bedroom...
Here's a small update on what we've been doing at the new house.
The hardwood floors are down in the 3 bedrooms and hallway; new interior doors have been hung; much of the crown molding, baseboard, and casings are done.
This is the 2nd bedroom. As you can see, the window casings still need to be finished and the hardware has to go on the door. Here is a Before picture (after the mauve-y pink carpet was removed). Purple walls and ceiling and the basic 70's ranch plywood doors. (nothing against purple, but, you have to really like that color to want it on every surface.)

The walls were painted a light neutral tan called Gray Beige by Olympic paints, and the trim is a white satin (the doors will be painted the same white, eventually). This room will be decorated basically the same as my master bedroom in the Tiny House. I Love the floors! They are a 5" wide plank of 3/4" hardwood in Brazilian Teak . Its not quite as dark as the hardwood floors we installed in the Tiny House. Although I really like the darker color, we now have a very light yellow lab who sheds, and the dog hair shows up in an instant on the dark floors, so I was hoping to find a color that was a touch lighter. The Brazilian Teak came in both a dark and light version, we choose the light. I'm very happy with the color! Please ignore the copious amounts of dust in the pictures. :-)
Well, that's all for now. Have a great week, everyone!