Monday, September 17, 2012

Fabric Gift Wrapping and Craft Paper Flowers

This weekend Hubby and I went to a fun wedding shower/reception picnic.  It was held at a local park and the weather was just gorgeous!  Normally, when it comes to gifts, I'm a big fan of gift bags...they're fast, easy, pretty, and you can fit most anything in one.  But on this occassion, our gift was not going to fit in a bag. I was going to have to go old-school and wrap this thing.  No wrapping paper in the house, but I did have some craft paper and lots of fabric. So I went with an Obi sash look using a pretty yellow and pink cherry blossom fabric and a small strip of white cotton.

Next I needed a flower of some sort.  I've seen some lovely paper flowers so I googled for a How-To. I found this tutorial and after unearthing my glue gun, i went to cutting.   I added a few extra layers of petals to mine, but the instructions were super easy.  I made one out of polka dot napkins that I picked up at a yard sale and the other out of the craft paper that I wrapped the box with.

Although I love the polka dots, it was a bit more fragile than the heavy craft paper, so I opted for just the solid one for this gift.  I could totally get addicted to making these little flowers! They are so fun and think of all the could use pretty vintage wrapping paper, newsprint, the sunday comics, sheet music, old book pages, old sewing pattern paper, etc...

In other news, the For Sale By Owner sign finally went up at the Tiny house.  We had the first showing over the weekend and received an offer! Hubby is dealing with the price negotiations and hopefully we'll be able to come to some agreement. Personally, I'm ready to say YES  just to have it done and over with quick, but we'll see.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Fun 70's Fabrics

After bringing home the cute 70's fabrics a few weeks ago, I couldn't stop thinking of the stacks I had left behind. So, I went back and got some more!

Most are novelty children's prints and so fun!

The red is a heavy weight canvas with calico print toadstools and turtles and the other has jade green and yellow ladybugs and butterflies and is a lovely rayon or rayon/cotton blend by J.Manes co.
And then we have some bright neon pink.

The tulip and daisy fabric is a semi-sheer dimity? And my favorite of the bunch...Fairy Tale barkcloth!

It is a light weight cotton barkcloth by THC Hawaiian Textiles. It has the cutest scenes of every fairytale and nursery rhyme I've ever heard of, plus some. Look at that adorable Alice in Wonderland square above!...and the GingerBread Man! Too cute.  :)
Look for these and other great vintage fabrics on the website. 
I'm tackling a painting project in the basement, today, so hopefully I'll have some before and after pics soon.  Have a great week, everyone!