Monday, March 25, 2013

Living Room Corner

Just wanted to share a quick photo of a corner of the living room that I've been working on.  After selling the Tiny House, I was able to bring the few furniture pieces home that I had been using for staging.  The living room at this house has kind of an awkward L-shaped layout with a large off center fireplace.  This far corner wasn't working for the sofa, so I decided to hang a new light fixture (from Lowes) over a small round dining table.  It can serve as a game table, or intimate dining area for two.  :)

The artwork above the table was a HobbyLobby find and mimics the popular multi-print applique pillow from Anthropologie.
I'm on the hunt now for some items to decorate the mantle for spring. I'll share more photos of the living room when I get it together. 
Have a great week everyone! And I hope its looking more like spring where you are, because here in Ohio, we're still covered in snow!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our First Home ~ Saying Goodbye

I know it has been forever since I've been here...but shortly after my last post, Hubby agreed to list the Tiny house with a realtor (his sister). She got it on MLS and within 10 days we had an offer just under our asking price.  YEA!  Then started the long process of home inspection, bank appraisal, buyer's loan approval, and underwriting.  But everything was finalized on March 2nd and we said goodbye to our first home.  We've owned this house for 21 years and have many wonderful memories and did countless home improvement projects.   Here's a few pictures of the house in it's minimally staged state.


I'm not sure that I've ever shared photos of the basement.  When we purchased the home in 1992, it had a typical cement, unfinished basement. We did most of the major work to finish the space about 18 years ago, but the bathroom had only made it to the drywall stage and the wet bar area had only been plumbed.  So those areas are newly finished and unfortunately, I never really got to enjoy them. :(

The flooring here in the lower level is a wood-look vinyl plank. We had had berber carpeting down while we lived there, but it needed to be replaced, so we thought this was an excellent choice and budget-friendly. (I'll share the installation process in a future post).
The doorway in the hallway leads to the work/storage room.

Opposite the storage room is the bathroom.  We didn't get the glass shower doors installed, but Hubby did an awesome job on the tile!
And at the end of the hall is the small laundry and utility room.
Well, that's the Tiny home tour. Its a little sad to say goodbye, but we live just down the street, so we do pass it everyday. lol  :)