Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snap Wallets ~ A Very Easy Project

I thought I would end the year with a very easy project...Simple snap wallets or card holders.
If you don't sew or if you want one of the fun vintage prints above, they are available here on the website or on etsy.
I'm sure there are a dozen or more tutorials out there for these in one form or another, but just in case you needed one more to prove how easy they are, here it is. :)

First you'll need :
* 2 pieces of fabric (main fabric and lining) approx. 5"x10".

* 2 pieces of light weight fusible interfacing approx. 5"x10".
*No-sew snaps (I used pearl, but plain metal are fine, too)
*Snap set tool (Not necessary, but I recommend it for the pearl head snaps as they can crack if hit too hard)

Step 1 - Apply interfacing to your fabrics according to manufacturers directions.

Step 2 - Sew your main fabric to your lining, right sides together. Leave a small opening at one of the short ends. Clip corners. Careful not to snip your stitching!
Step 3 - Turn right side out through the small opening. Press and stitch along the one short end to close up the hole. Step 4 - Fold up about 3.5 inches and press. Make a centered mark where the bottom half of your snap will go.
Step 5 - Attach bottom snap according to directions on package. Then fold down the top flap, press, and then feel for the nub of the bottom snap. Place the prongs of the pearl head over that and set the top snap (use your set tool). This was the easiest way I found to have the snaps align perfectly.Step 6 - Starting at one of the folded ends, stitch along the edge. Backstitch when you reach the wallet opening for added strength. Continue up and around to the other side and your done.
Step 7 - Add your cash and cards. :) They're also nice for giving gift cards...adds a personal touch. Happy sewing!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Boho Chic Meets Tailored Classic

So, this is what you get when you take design elements from opposite ends of the style spectrum and combine them into one bag. . . Boho Chic meets Tailored Classic.
I've tried to blend the best of both worlds; the richly textured vintage fabrics and generous size of Boho chic and the more structured lines and forever classic linen of a more tailored style. I've used an awesome vintage cut velvet upholstery fabric from the 1960's as the main part of the bag and a rich brown velvet/velveteen for the gusset.

A natural linen is used for the strap and front flap. A magnetic snap keeps items secure.Tying all of the elements together is the velvet rose and leaf detail.

This is just the "prototype" and will be offered at a reduced price on the website. I'll probably tweek a couple of things before I'm completely happy with the bag. For one thing, the interfacing I used on the lining is a little too heavy, so I'll probably change that. I like that it gives some structure to the bag, but I don't like the wrinkles. Not a major issue, but something the perfectionist in me would like to correct. :) But, for the most part, I really like how this bag turned out.