Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vintage Feedsacks from Arkansas

I just returned from a trip to Arkansas.  We were there mainly to visit dear friends, but also to see a part of the country we hadn't been to before.  We spent a few days in the Ozarks in the lodge at Mt Magazine.  Gorgeous place and stunning views. 

Then we headed over to our friends in Fayetteville.  Fayetteville is a cute little college town with a Farmer's market in the town square, little coffee shops, and hip vintage stores showcasing Midcentury Modern décor. 

While I would have loved to come home with some of the furniture pieces, room in the car was tight, so I had to limit purchases to smaller items.  As with many of the antique malls around here, fabric yardage was scarce, but thankfully, I was able to find some fun feedsacks.
Of course, the pink is my favorite.

I really like it when I can find multiples of the same print and this navy blue dot and pink & blue floral came in pairs.  :)

And I thought this blue one with little doodle flower pictures was just too cute.

I also found a couple yards of a Waverly Glosheen fabric in pink and orange...such a fun color combo!

I bought a 6 yard length of vintage toweling, but it's still drying on the line, so I'll have to share that one another time.  :)
It was still pretty green in the Ozarks, but we drove through some pretty fall color in Missouri.  Have the leaves turned yet where you are?
Enjoy the week, everyone!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Antique Fabrics

I think most collectors categorize "antique fabrics" as those that are 100 years old or older.  In quilting cottons, that means that generally the selvage width is around 24"-27" wide.  (By the 1930's, most cotton quilt fabrics had transitioned to a 34"-36" width.)
 Although I've found small scraps and quilt blocks, I can't say that I've found very many unused, full width antique fabrics.  But I do have a few...so, I thought I share them with you today.

This first one is my favorite.  Its a double pink or cinnamon pink dating from the 1880-1900's.  It is a 4 yard piece in lovely condition with a 24" selvage width and it retains it's original "Allens Pinks" label.  SCORE!

I also have a cute paisley with polka dots likely dating to the early 1900's.  It, too, is several yards long, has a 24" selvage width, and is in amazing unused condition.  (I should hold up so well after a hundred years on this planet. lol)

Another paisley, a popular design motif of the era, this time in darker, richer colors.  This one feels like a brushed cotton or light weight flannel and has a slight twill weave.

This next pretty paisley is terribly faded and was likely used as a part of a quilt back. But, it was so pretty, it had to come home with me for reference or just a bit of eye-candy.

I can only imagine how pretty the colors were when it was first made...pink, tans, and robin's egg blue. Such a pretty combination!
That about does it for the quilt fabrics of that era, I think the only other antique piece in my inventory at the moment is an unused toile home décor or drapery fabric.  It has a 30" selvage width and a finely detailed cherub and pastoral scene in a deep aubergine or eggplant color.

I imagine that these early fabrics may be more readily found on the east coast, but around here, they are few and far between.  So, I'm grateful for even the small collection I have.  :)
I have a couple listed in my Etsy shop this month, but they are also available on the website.
How about you?  Any antique textiles in your stash?