Monday, September 29, 2014

Overdyed Cut Velvet

I tried my hand at a fun project this weekend... dying velvet.  If you've been here before, you know about my crazy obsession affection for vintage cut velvet fabrics. I have a pretty good variety of colors and patterns, but, at times, I find myself craving something a bit brighter. Last year, one of my sweet customers on Etsy (who makes the most gorgeous bags at Ladida Handbags) told me about her experience with dying velvets.  And that's when I turned to Rit Dye.  For these first attempts, I chose velvets that had light backgrounds and could withstand hot water.

For the pink, I tested a piece taken from a used bates bedspread. As you can see if the first photo, it started out as yellow, tan, and cream. The end result was a pretty mix of light and dark pink, orange, and yellow.

The next piece took a bath in teal. (If you give this a try, I suggest covering everything with a layer of plastic and towels and get yourself a cute pair of long rubber gloves.)
Once it reached the desired color, I hung it outside until it was just slightly damp.

Then I popped it in the dryer to fluff up the fibers.

And here is what this one looked like before,

Although I really like the original colors, especially the yellow, its nice to have the ability to create a piece of hard-to-find cut velvet in the color I want.   :D

I hope to turn these pieces into small bags and pouches this week.
What about you, have you ever tried overdying fabric?