Monday, November 28, 2011

Labradors and Mud Puddles

This picture will be a very common site around here for the next few days. Lots of rain in Southern Ohio, and although Hunny isn't exactly fond of rainy days, she does love playing in the mud. :-)

She was also very excited to receive a fun gift from her doggy blog pal Abby. This cute Pooch Pouch for her treats and a Key Leash to take with us on our walks.

Abby's mom is the talented Stephanie of Loft Creations. Stephanie has generously posted tutorials for both of these items, plus lots of other fun projects, on her blog here. She also sells PDF patterns for her fabulous bags in her Etsy Shop.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Felt Burger, Berries, and a Fridge

I'll be watching my niece again over her winter break, so I wanted to have a few new things for her to play with while she's here. In addition to a new FurrReal pet, I also made a couple more felt food items for her 'restaurant'.

A small basket of strawberries...

Oh my, don't look too closely at the uneven stitches, hand sewing is not my forte. lol

And I also made a hamburger with pickle slices.

I also turned a cardboard box into a refridgerator. True to my love for vintage, I went 'old school' with the design. :-) I'm on the hunt for another box to use for an oven.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Fenced Yard for Hunny

One of the main reasons we loved this new house was the large lot that it sat on. Its a little over an acre and would give our Hunny plenty of room to run. The only problem was that it was not fenced, and since our dog listens to very little we say, she would surely take off and terrorize the neighborhood children if let off her leash. So, in order to avoid the daily long walks in knee deep snow again this year, it became our goal to get the yard fenced in before winter rolled around. For the majority of the yard, we went with a wood fence style called Kentucky Board. It runs up the hill and ties into the existing farm fence at the back of the property.

At the sides of the house and across the driveway, we had a dark bronze aluminum fence and gates installed. It looks nice with the brown brick of the house and ties in with the porch railing that Hubby made.

Hunny LOVES it! Although she still won't go outside by herself (huh?), she loves to run through the yard chasing birds, and barking at Ava and Patty (the horse and cow that roam the farm land behind us. (Photo taken last winter, we don't have snow yet, thank goodness).