Monday, June 15, 2015

Vintage Fabric DIY Teepee

I'm back after a bit of a break, with a fun project. A DIY teepee!
I'll be watching my little niece while she's on her summer break from school, so I try to have something new for her. I had been saving the sturdy cardboard rolls from upholstery fabric thinking that they would be useful for some craft project and this was it!

I used an awl to make a hole through the top of each one...
Then threaded twine through the holes and wrapped the 4 together.
Next I found a large piece of vintage fabric from the stash (It was a couple pieces that had been sewn together, probably for use as a quilt back). I made a rough template and used that to cut out the pieces I needed. I also added a contrasting trim fabric, just because. ;-)

In order to keep the seems lined up on the poles, I sewed small ties on the inside.
It was a quick project, folds up and stores easily, and finally got those cardboard tubes out of my sewing room...crafting success!


Kathy said...

Absolutely adorable! Giving me ideas for my little granddaughter, but I don't know if I can use up such beautiful vintage fabric as you did! Love it, live with it, and enjoy it, right? Great job.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Kathy!
Thanks! The fabric was one of those pieces that had a couple holes and was not good enough to sell, but was too good to just throw away. So it was perfect for this type of project. :)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Clever, adorable, fun. Does Hunny want one of her own?

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Thanks Stephanie!
Haha, she does snoop around in there, so she might claim it as her doggy den.

Katherine said...

Most beautiful teepee EVER! Love this, Kimberly and I'm certain your niece will, too.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Katherine!
Thank you. :-)
I'm sure my use of a 40's tropical print doesn't rate very high on authenticity, but it sure looks pretty.